Friday, May 16, 2008

Long Days, Craft Show and Friday Flea Market!

Another long day! Yesterday I went to hubby's doctors appointment with him. It is a 2 hour drive from here, but the good part is there is a Hobby Lobby there. A store I only get to once or twice a year. I enjoyed it. Lots of good buys! Today it was back to work on my lesson for class and I set up my craft show booth. If you would like stop in and check it out! Lots of goodies! Click on link:

Don't forget about Friday Flea Market! Clink on the link:

Until Next Time,


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ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hi Renee! The shoe forms measure 9 inches long.

Counting Your Blessings said...

I love that craft fair site! I spent a lot of time there this morning peeking around =) Somebody sure took a lot of time to set all that up! What a great thing they did. Have a great weekend. Blessings... Polly (p.s. Yikes - back to school?! ugh, I don't know if I could make it. We homeschool so I feel like I never left)