Friday, August 08, 2008

Designing Heaven

It has been an extremely tiring day . . . nothing new, right?? *smile* I have finished my project and excersizes for this week. I really enjoyed working with illustrator. What a fun program! I am expirementing with photoshop but haven't mastered a whole lot with it yet. I am sure it will be a program I will use just as much as illustrator. Here is this weeks project:
This week I created a composition with spatial illusion of depth and volume. It was a challenge for me, but fun too! I have so many ideas to create with this program. Have any of you used illustrator?? Any good tips out there in blog land??

I did alot of painting today. Mostly preparing the surfaces. Prep is always a tedious job, but when you take your time, and do it right, the out come is fantastic! I also worked on hubby's birthday present today. I am making a light house for the yard. I am using terra cotta pots. It took forever for the white to cover the pots. It looks really nice, now that it is opaque. I hope to finish it tomorrow. I have another busy day planned.

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Niki said...

Awesome graphics! What a fun degree. Thanks for visiting me again! hugs.