Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reflections . . .

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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It has been a time around here for me lately.  So much has happened the last months, weeks, days . . .
We have experience the loss of a mother much to early, a divorce of a family member that needed my strength, the loss of a great friend to cancer at much to young an age, the loss of my granddaughter - she was stillborn.  This broke my daughters heart . . .It is so hard to know her heartache and not be able to make it better.  Moms are supposed to make it better right??

Today is a day of reflection.  A day to put aside the heartache, and stress that life brings and spend the day being thankful for all that we have.  Not just for the things around us, but the blessing of being alive and having the opportunity to reach out and seek each other . . . help each other and be grateful for each other.

Thank you for being there, even though I have been gone from the blog . . .

Bless you all

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