Saturday, November 03, 2012

Journal creating!

Was a cold day outside . . . I spent the day in, did some organizing.  Not easy with the construction going on.  *smile*   I did work on my journal cover today.  Did some experimenting with matte gel.  Used it as a glue - I am going to play some with water color pencils on the cover too. Journals are a good place to to practice, and to try new things.

Americana is my paint of choice though I do try everything new when I can.  I like to know what is new and improved, and what might work better than what I have now.    I used some paint pens today, clippings that I save that inspire me, and some of my practice sheet.  I cut out and save any of my practice painting that is pretty to use in collage and other art that I create. 

Here is some pictures of the studio addition.  If you want to see more feel free to look at my photo album.

I know the picture is dark but the lights cause too much glare in the images with them on.  We start the inside walls next.  It is getting closer to the finish!

Until Next Time,

Friday, November 02, 2012

Art Every Day Month! Here I go . . .

Here I go . . . 

Art Everyday Month has begun.   I started on the first with beginning to decorate the cover of a journal.  My intention is to use the journal to create in every day.  Beginning with the AEDM challenge and continuing with CED's monthly challenge.   I create most everyday but have been horrible about blogging it.  Thus the choice of entering the month challenge.  I want to blog my creativity every day, even the days I journal in part or a full page.  Below are some images of what I did yesterday.   I will post today's images later on today.  

The above image is of a mixed media visual journal by Strathmore. I love these journals, they come in two sizes (and other style papers). This is the smaller one.  Mixed media paper is thicker and easier to experiment with the different forms of media to create with.  The cover is the typical Strathmore yellow cover, so I painted it -front and back in a warm yellow color.  I added some gesso before painting to give the cover some more strength.  Sometimes I just glue the first page to the cover for strength.  I may still do that later.  That is the fun of free creating, I can change things anytime I want.  LOL

The two images above are a mailbox I am painting.  I am doing some experimenting with the greens in the folk art outdoor paint line, to find some good combos for leaves and frogs.  I like the duller colors on the black more than the brighter colors.  Color pops so much on black, that the brighter colors seem almost too bright.  More work on it later today.  

Work continues on the addition to the studio for teaching classes more comfortably.  I am so excited about it.  I will post some pictures soon.  I always intend to post them, just not good at it.

Here I Go . . . 

Until Next Time