Friday, April 23, 2010

Where did I go???

*Smile*  I went "shopping" . . .actually I went "treasure shopping" .  Found a treasure trove of crafting goodies for really great prices!  Here is some pics of some of them:

This is a huge bag of little baskets, and about 15 wood pieces to paint.
This is a pretty decent size box of goodies too.  It has 5 containers of birds, raffia, excelsior, and more misc. wood pieces to paint.
Small hats, and doll pieces to sew.  More wood shelves, and small parts to paint.
A box full of twig bows, hearts bird nests . . .so many goodies to create with!
Here is some picture frames and canvas' for my paintings.  To give an idea of the great deals I received in my shopping, everything in this picture was $5! 

There is also a box of resin figurines to paint . . .the picture didn't turn out.  I will take some pictures when they are painted. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is on your Workdesk, Wednesday!

I am joining in on some fun . . .I ran across this wonderful blog, Stamping Ground, authored by Julia Dunnit from the United Kingdom.  I have been a follower for awhile now, and enjoy seeing everyones desks, and reading about what they are creating.  Such a huge follow full of so much inspiration!!  This week, I finally decided to share my workdesk (tables).  I have been terrible lax in sharing with blog land, and have finally decided to talk!  *smile*

Here is what is on my workdesk this week!

 I love to create, and enjoy many hobbies.  The thing that is nearest to my heart is painting.  Above is a painting, I am finishing this week.  The one below as well.  I will share as soon as they are complete.

I work on 5 tables in my studio, as a painter, I tend to work on a number of projects to stay busy while the paint drys.  *giggles*  There is nothing worse than watching paint dry!  Below is my group of items I am starting today.

As an added bonus, I wanted to share my best friend, my hero, and a person whom I greatly admire!
Drum roll please!   This is my MOM!  With mothers day in the near future, I thought it appropriate.
Mom comes to my studio and "creates" three days a week.  This is her sewing pillows. 

I look forward to visiting everyone today!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Nest for Home!

Another cold day in the north! Perfect for staying in and creating!! I just love how my nest assemblage turned out! We are such bird lovers here that it is a special addition to our home! I love to recycle so I started out with a little drawer I found (I know, I know - I just can't pass things like this up!).
I used a wonderful tutorial I purchased from Dawn over at the Feathered Nest. Click here to find out more about the tutorial. The images that are included are so inspiring!

Of course being the bird lover that I am, I want to share our birdies with you. These are some of the birds that we raise. My husband raises them for their beauty (he shows them at the fair, and bird shows), he races them as they are racing homers, and he raises them to share a weddings - he releases them to fly, and circle above the newly married couple. It is a beautiful addition to a wedding ceremony.

Above is one of this years babies. Aren't they just the cutest little fellows!! Below is one of our protective daddies, watching over his little ones. They are such attentive parents!

Until Next Time,


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Recycle Fun!!

In the free weeks while I have had off of school, I created some home decor out of casts offs. I had so much fun!! Above is the before picture, below is the after picture!!