Friday, April 23, 2010

Where did I go???

*Smile*  I went "shopping" . . .actually I went "treasure shopping" .  Found a treasure trove of crafting goodies for really great prices!  Here is some pics of some of them:

This is a huge bag of little baskets, and about 15 wood pieces to paint.
This is a pretty decent size box of goodies too.  It has 5 containers of birds, raffia, excelsior, and more misc. wood pieces to paint.
Small hats, and doll pieces to sew.  More wood shelves, and small parts to paint.
A box full of twig bows, hearts bird nests . . .so many goodies to create with!
Here is some picture frames and canvas' for my paintings.  To give an idea of the great deals I received in my shopping, everything in this picture was $5! 

There is also a box of resin figurines to paint . . .the picture didn't turn out.  I will take some pictures when they are painted. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What is on your Workdesk, Wednesday!

I am joining in on some fun . . .I ran across this wonderful blog, Stamping Ground, authored by Julia Dunnit from the United Kingdom.  I have been a follower for awhile now, and enjoy seeing everyones desks, and reading about what they are creating.  Such a huge follow full of so much inspiration!!  This week, I finally decided to share my workdesk (tables).  I have been terrible lax in sharing with blog land, and have finally decided to talk!  *smile*

Here is what is on my workdesk this week!

 I love to create, and enjoy many hobbies.  The thing that is nearest to my heart is painting.  Above is a painting, I am finishing this week.  The one below as well.  I will share as soon as they are complete.

I work on 5 tables in my studio, as a painter, I tend to work on a number of projects to stay busy while the paint drys.  *giggles*  There is nothing worse than watching paint dry!  Below is my group of items I am starting today.

As an added bonus, I wanted to share my best friend, my hero, and a person whom I greatly admire!
Drum roll please!   This is my MOM!  With mothers day in the near future, I thought it appropriate.
Mom comes to my studio and "creates" three days a week.  This is her sewing pillows. 

I look forward to visiting everyone today!!